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The Street Spirit Vendor Program



The Street Spirit Vendor Program is managed by Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (BOSS). For questions about the Street Spirit vendor program, call the BOSS vendor coordinator at (510) 843-6800, ext. 110; or call Winston Burton at BOSS at (510) 599-2185 or (510) 649-1930.

The Street Spirit vendor program provides a positive alternative to panhandling and gives more than 100 homeless vendors a job and a steady source of income in hard economic times. Homeless vendors in Berkeley and Oakland receive 50 papers per day for free, earn income and self reliance, and educate the community about social justice issues. AFSC shoulders the entire publishing costs of more than $3000.00 each month to publish Street Spirit and provide employment for homeless vendors.

Vendors keep all of the money they make from selling Street Spirit. Street Spirit is a tool of enabling and empowering, not just a handout. You, the reader, can help by your support. When on the streets of Berkeley and Oakland or anywhere you pass by a vendor, buy the paper for a buck. Help the homeless help themselves by enabling them to become self sufficient.

Vendors are asked to interact respectfully and positively with the public. Vendors are not supposed to ask for donations beyond the $1.00 selling price of the newspaper, and they are instructed not to verbally or physically harass customers. Vendors follow The Rules of the Street, printed below. Please buy Street Spirit only from badged vendors.

The Rules of the Street for Street Spirit Vendors

1. Don't sell the newspaper while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. Don't solicit donations above the $1.00 cover price of the paper.

3. Don't sell Street Spirit without proper I.D. badge.

4. Don't fight with other vendors over sales pitches or territories.

5. Don't use racial, sexist or foul language while selling Street Spirit.

6. Don't verbally or physically harass anyone who refuses to buy a paper.

7. Don't obstruct the public way or sell papers in off-limit areas.

8. Don't sell other products or papers while wearing the Street Spirit I.D.

9. Don't supply newspapers to non-badged persons.

BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency)

BOSS was founded in 1971 to serve the deinstitutionalized mentally disabled. Over the years, the organization has expanded and added programs to serve all homeless and poor people.

Today BOSS operates 30 programs in Berkeley, Oakland and Hayward serving 3000 families and individuals each year. Our work targets four outcomes - affordable housing, improved health, economic security, and social justice. BOSS pursues its mission by:

1. Providing comprehensive services to help people gain independence - shelters, housing, education, training, employment, health, and mental healthcare, youth and family services, leadership development and more; and

2. Attacking the root causes of poverty and homelessness through policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, community planning, and fighting to include the voice of poor people in the design and implementation of solutions.

For more information, please call BOSS at (510) 649-1930. Visit the BOSS website at Create Peace at Home to find out about our organizing and advocacy work.




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