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A Call to Join the Bay Area Walk Against Genocide

Those who come out for these Walks want all of humanity to live in a world where genocides and mass atrocities can be prevented before they begin. Although we may not realize this vision during our lifetimes, we make up the “permanent anti-genocide constituency” of the Bay Area.

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Living for Peace in the Shadow of Death

“The destruction of creation and its creatures is done in the name of profit, convenience, wealth. The truth is that capitalism is poison, and we are its victims.” — Shelley Douglass

Sleepouts in Defiance of Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban

The “Freedom Sleepers” of Santa Cruz want city parks opened at night so people without homes will have a place to go where they are not targeted by police.

Remembering Hiroshima at Livermore’s Holocaust Laboratory

“The killing of civilian noncombatants for political purposes is terrorism and mass murder — nothing else. It should not have happened. It did not need to happen. It should never happen again.” — Daniel Ellsberg, speaking at Livermore Laboratory on the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing

Justice Department Calls Boise Laws ‘Cruel and Unusual Punishment’

Anti-homeless ordinances in Boise, Idaho, are being challenged by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. The Department of Justice states that laws which criminalize involuntary behavior or conditions are in violation of the Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment, making them unconstitutional.

Street Spirit Interview with Shelley Douglass, Part 1

The whole point of the arms race is to protect what we have that really isn’t justifiably ours. As long as we remain complicit with that, then to that extent we’re complicit with weapons like the Trident. So we were trying to withdraw our cooperation as much as we could.

Street Spirit Interview with Shelley Douglass, Part 2

You age and die on death row if they don’t electrocute you or murder you in some other way. One of the men had a stroke and had to be taken care of. Leroy was one of the major caregivers for him. Leroy was never an angel, but he became a very compassionate person.