Brian Willson Returns to the Tracks: Photos of the 25th Anniversary of Nuremberg Actions

On September 1, 2012, the dedicated peace activists of Nuremberg Actions gathered with Brian Willson and Daniel Ellsberg at the Concord Naval Weapons Station to commemorate their nonviolent blockades of death trains and death trucks transporting weapons of mass murder for shipment to El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Photo-Essay by Ariel Messman-Rucker


David Hartsough (at left) and Brain Willson hug at their reunion at the 25th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Actions peace group.


Brian Willson describes the nearly fatal train collision that crushed and severed his legs and fractured his skull.


David Ellsberg, a longtime peace activist who released the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War, addresses the anniversary gathering of Nuremberg Actions.


Brian Willson and David Hartsough stand together on the train tracks that both men had nonviolently blockaded to halt the death trains carrying weapons of mass death.


Peace Activists celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Nuremberg Actions by using their banner to block the train tracks once more.


Brian Willson joins with his fellow peace activists to sit on the exact spot where the train ran over him on September 1, 1987.



With the assistance of his cane and prosthetic legs, Brian Willson stands alongside the banner of Nuremberg Actions.


Brian Willson embraces Holley Rauen, his former marriage partner, at the 25th Anniversary of Nuremberg Actions.


Brian Willson walks up the railroad tracks where the train ran over him at the Concord Naval Weapons Station


Brian Willson's prosthetic legs stand on the railroad tracks where they had been severed. After losing his legs, Willson said "I walk on Third World Legs now."


Brian Willson removed his two artificial legs to show Nuremberg activists the cost of resistance — his amputated legs.


Daniel Ellsberg (at left, in sunglasses) puts his hand on Brian Willson's shoulder while the members of Nuremberg Actions sing a peace anthem to mark the poignant day of remembrances.


To read Terry Messman’s article on Brian Willson and Nuremberg Actions 25th Anniversary celebration click here.

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