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In this issue:

Oakland Youth Organize

Hate Crimes Against the Homeless

Food Bank Helps Ease Hunger

Food Bank Keeps Growing

San Diego's Economic Cleansing

Psychiatric Abuse and Repression

Transit Activists Win Victory

Technology for the Poor

Violent Arrest at City Hall

The Dream of People's Park

New Richmond Shelter to Open

Street Spirit Vendor Tony McNair

Bush's Tax Cuts for the Rich

Corporate Benedict Arnolds

Rain Lane's Photographs

"Say Something" A Short Story

Poor Leonard's Almanack

Poetry of the Streets


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The Photographs of Rain Lane

Rain Lane takes memorable photographic portraits of homeless people living in dire poverty in the midst of the affluence of Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Surviving on the streets is tough, but a homeless woman is still able to offer a peace sign and good will to people passing by.

Being homeless is an exhausting ordeal, and safe places to sleep are hard to come by.

"No Booze, No Drugs." Homeless people often have to convince the public that they are members of the "worthy poor" if they expect to receive any help at all.

Gina Lane, Rain Lane's grandmother, painted this poignant study of homelessness.

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