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Cruel and Painful Medical Practices

by Jack Bragen

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As a writer, there is nothing worse than being so intensely angered that I can't write on the outrageous subject in question. At Western Dental, which accepts patient's Medi-Cal, it evidently is too inconvenient to have any regard for the time, the comfort, or the teeth of the patient.

Western Dental is a mass-production dental operation with one or two actual licensed dentists who supervise a bunch of students that do the actual work on people's mouths. Wait times in the waiting room are frequently two to three hours with an appointment. Once in the chair, the patient will wait for stretches of 45 minute at a time as the intern goes to work on someone else. This means waiting in a chair with a mouth open and half worked on and full of gauze for long stretches of time until the intern has a moment.

Western Dental visits are an all-day project for something that would require an hour at a reasonable dentist. Then, things get more complicated. Western refuses to finish root canals that they started. They blame the patient for this problem because he/she missed too many appointments. Who wouldn't miss an appointment in this pain factory? My loud and irate reaction to them was logged in a relative's chart.

Longs Drugs is subtler. I can only speak of my particular location. Rather than being proactive and filling prescriptions in a trouble-free and timely manner, they prefer to create unnecessary problems for mentally ill consumers. Their manner toward those who receive psychiatric medications is rude and condescending. They create delays and difficulties at every possible juncture. It is a mystery. My local Longs must feel that the mentally ill are not their "real patients" and should go elsewhere.

Sadistic behavior shows itself in more and less gross ways in different places. It likes to hang out in places where people are vulnerable - especially where there doesn't appear to be adequate advocacy in place or a system to keep people honest.

It is important that we shed a light on these places-and possibly a camcorder.




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