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In this issue:

Murder of Mary Katherine King

Eyes Wide Open

California Lifts Food Stamp Ban

The Ordeal of Ramona Choyce

Republicans Shred Disabled Housing

Art and Activism of Jos Sances

The Paintings of Jos Sances

Gambling with Social Security

Billionaires Grow Richer, Poverty Worsens

Existence Itself Is Banned for the Homeless Poor

Bush Policy Errs on Chronic Homelessness

Sankofa House: A Rainbow for Homeless Women

Student Summit Against Hunger

A Lifetime at the Bus Stop

Working for Transit Justice

Poor Leonard's Almanack

BOSS Community Organizing

The Anguish of Classism





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The Paintings of Jos Sances: The Intersection Between Art and Activism

If ever there was a person who proved that the personal is political and the political is artistic, then Jos Sances is that person. His commitment to progressive political ideals is matched only by his commitment to producing extraordinary artwork in the service of those ideals.

HOLIDAY HOME. Luke 16:25. Art by Jos Sances. Painting, 33" x 33"

A homeless man finds no home in this scene reminiscent of Thomas Kinkade's art.

BIG BROTHER. Art by Jos Sances. Painting, 24 " x 24 "

"War Is Peace." A president right out of George Orwell.

FIGHT IN THE FIELDS. Art by Jos Sances. Serigraph, Edition 100, 6 color, 22" x 30"

AUTUMN BURN. Art by Jos Sances. Mixed media, digital print, paint and carved wood, 36" x36" x 4"

FACE THE TRUTH. Art by Jos Sances. Mixed media, paint and found suitcase, 48" x 48"

An image of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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